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musings of merc retrograde [08 Jul 2013|09:36am]
i don't want to be so soft anymore, it isn't a reflection of my true side. no more threadbare worn band shirts, bangs and glasses, cups of coffee and playlists, manic pixie dream girl- the dark sky in someone else's shining star life. i want to live loudly and alone, chaos goddess style--wild eyed with feathers in my hair and warpaint on my face. dancing with fire and howling like a wolf girl, chewing on the moon like bubblegum. i feel bright and sharp and violent, hellcat playful. Hedonistic and undeniably luxuriant, a troublemaker woman witch drinking spicy red wine and running barefoot through the woods in the rainstorm. Unhinged and free. Coquettish and lush, a queen, a ruler, a rebel. Bewitching and dangerous. The dichotomy between good and evil seems less pronounced in the veil, now, and more a fluid movement of change and chaos- nothing is bad nor good, but balancing, delicately. i am, in this moment, at peace with my personal power and strangeness. Embracing my demons.
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[19 Jun 2013|11:06pm]
places i like to go when i am feeling sad and like life is not worth living:

the jellyfish section of the aquarium

the forest, at night

movies about outer space at the Imax theater

trainwatching by the lake
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[06 Dec 2009|10:12am]

Is there anything you should like to ask or tell me? Please, go ahead. Anonymously or otherwise.
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friends only [12 Nov 2007|01:19pm]


"All we want, whether we are honeybees, salmon, trash-collecting ants, ponderosa pines, coyotes, human beings, or stars, is to love & be loved, to be accepted, cherished & celebrated simply for being who we are."

Friends Only.

Comment to be added.

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